FAQs For Families

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Does my child qualify for services from Welcome Home Angel?

Your child might qualify for services from Welcome Home Angel. Generally, we serve children ages 4-18 who live in the Wilmington region. These children have challenges in the home due to chronic conditions or illnesses, physical injury, or developmental disability. Every single case is considered individually, and every child and situation is different, so if you think your child might qualify, please apply here.

What do I do now that my doctor/physician/physical therapist has submitted a referral for my family?

Now that you have been referred, please complete and submit the family application here. You are not required to have a referral to apply for service, though we will request a Proof of Need from your child’s primary care provider.

What do I do now that I have submitted my application?

Welcome Home Angel will review your application. During the review phase, we will likely ask for more information from you. This approval process can take as little as a few weeks, or up to a few months, depending on the specifics of the individual case. If your child is approved, we will assign a Design Team that will meet with you to discuss your wants and needs for the project.

What does the overall process look like?

Your Design Team Leader will be assigned after your project has been approved. Once they have been assigned, Welcome Home Angel and a Design Team member will meet with you and your child to form their work plan. Once the work plan is finalized and approved by the family, the Design Team will set a expected Big Reveal Day for when the makeover will be completed (this date is subject to change, due to unforeseen issues that may arise). Now all we need you to do is to trust us and allow us to make a little mess – but we promise to clean it up!

Why is my child’s project taking so long?

There are a lot of things that have to be approved and checked off to ensure that we cross every T and dot every I for your child. We take great care to provide you and your child with the makeover you have always dreamed of, but that can take some time, and a lot of coordination! Keep in mind that the larger the renovation, the more time it will take. Bathroom renovations can take up to two or even three months from demolition to completion. But we promise, it’s worth it!

What is a Design Team?

A Design Team is the group of volunteers that will be working on your project, start to finish! They plan the design, and carry it out, in close communication with you at all times. Without these incredible volunteers, Welcome Home Angel would not be able to serve the kids we help every year!

When should I expect to meet my Design Team?

Shortly after your application has been approved, Welcome Home Angel and the Design Team Leader will meet you and your family at your house to get to know you all better and to start forming a work plan for the project!

What is a work plan?

A work plan is what the Design Team creates that explains what they plan to do to your child’s room and sibling(s) rooms. This plan is reviewed by a team of people in the medical and design field, to ensure that the mission of Welcome Home Angel is being met, and that reasonable accommodations for your child are also being met. Once this work plan is approved by Welcome Home Angel, you and your family will have the final say to make any final suggestions or changes!

What am I required to do for the project?

You are not required to lift a finger once we begin work in your home! You and your family are welcomed to help clean, organize, paint, or decorate if it brings you joy, but we have volunteers that are here to serve you and take the stress off you for once, if that is helpful. Your biggest requirement is to just work with the Design Team for scheduling purposes so that we have available time to come to your home, make plans, and get to work!