Case Process


Wondering how all of this works? Let us walk you through the process…

  1. Your child is referred or applies directly to Welcome Home Angel.
  2. Completed application is returned to Welcome Home Angel.
  3. Welcome Home Angel will request further information to process your application.
  4. If child qualifies, Welcome Home Angel will arrange a home visit to assess needs in the home. Welcome Home Angel will make a decision to approve the child’s makeover, deny the makeover, or waitlist the child (waitlist means that the makeover is approved, but will not be completed within the next 6 months, and Executive Director will communicate with the family when resources are available to complete the makeover).
  5. If approved, the child will be assigned to a Design Team, who will then visit the family in the home to begin developing a work plan for the makeover.
  6. Before any renovations begin, the family will review and approve the Design Team’s work plan.
  7. Once renovations begin, the Design Team will inform the family of the Big Reveal Day! This is the day that the most exciting parts of the makeover will be completed, and the family will be asked to not view the room(s) all day, until the Reveal. Often, Big Reveals are filmed and photographed, so it is essential that the child and parent(s)/guardian(s) are available on this day.
  8. Big Reveals are filmed and photographed, to best share the remarkable story of your child and your family.