The Eshelman Foundation has once again awarded Welcome Home Angel with a grant of $50,000 towards its mission to bring joy to children in the Wilmington region with significant health or life altering conditions and relief to their families by creating happier and more functional living spaces.

“We are excited about the impact Welcome Home Angel made last year and are proud to support them again this year,” said Kimberly Batten, Executive Director of the Eshelman Foundation. “This organization is changing lives not only children but their whole families, and we are grateful to be a part of this impact.”

Recently, Welcome Home Angel completed a case for a young girl named Gabby. At only 6 years old, Gabby was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma and Lymphosarcoma. The life of her entire family changed drastically. Gabby became so ill that she had to leave school while she was in the initial chemotherapy treatment phase. At this time, the Pine Valley United Methodist Ogden by the Sea Circle formed a Design Team to completely give Gabby’s bedroom and study nook a makeover, installing new carpet, painting walls, and re-furnishing everything, to offer her a happier place to be, since she spends so much time at home. Now, when Gabby is feeling well, she invites friends over for a sleepover in her bedroom with custom-made bunk bed, extra futon, plenty of storage for books, and space to play. And if she’s not well, she sits at her arts and crafts desk in her study nook, through which she can create and be happy – which is what every kid deserves.

Last year, Welcome Home Angel was able to help 8 children in the Wilmington region. This year, they plan to help between 12 and 16. By 2021, Welcome Home Angel aspires to complete 32 cases per year. “The only way we can reach our very lofty goal is through the generosity of Wilmington community members, such as the Eshelman Foundation,” said Logan Thompson, Executive Director.

Founded in 2007, Welcome Home Angel carries out its mission by renovating and remodeling the bedrooms and other living spaces of children with chronic illness, physically debilitating injury, or severe developmental disability with necessary accommodations to make life easier and happier for the entire family. Renovations vary and may include ramps or door widening to accommodate a wheelchair, a new mattress, specialized bathing equipment, and more. If you are interested in learning more, want to donate or volunteer, email Executive Director, Logan Thompson, at or call (910) 679-6901.