Our Impact

By the Numbers

Welcome Home Angel commissioned an evaluation survey to measure our mission’s impact and the FAMILIES HAVE SPOKEN!

“Welcome Home Angel’s Makeovers have had a significant impact on children with disabilities and their families. “

“Families agreed that the makeovers positively increased many aspects of their family life – including 13 of 18 factors ranked 3.67 or higher on a scale of 1-4, with four being the highest.

Specific Improvements

Rated 4 out of 4, the greatest impact cited was that the makeover ‘Improved our Family’s Physical Health.’

Survey results noted specific improvements in:

      • Families’ physical and mental health
      • Increased functionality of a child’s room
      • Reduced mobility challenges
      • Reducing therapeutic days
      • Increased ability for the child to age in place

The investments in a child’s environment also offered significant returns in:

      • Safety
      • Children’s confidence
      • Sense of self-efficacy
    WHA survey results