Zachary is a super happy 18 year old boy that loves listening to people tell jokes and also loves music! Zachary has Cerebral Palsy, profound intellectual developmental disability, asthma, microcephaly, is legally blind, and has seizure disorder. Zachary lives with his grandparents and his 2 siblings. Due to his diagnosis, he requires significant medical equipment to ensure his safety and well-being. Zach requires complete assistance with all transfers, including lifting him in and out of the bathtub, which was very hard on his grandparents. The bathroom that Zachary used was not handicap accessible and was very unsafe for the entire family. With Zachary getting older, bigger, and taller, and not being able to assist in any way physically, it was getting a lot harder to transfer him in and out of the tub in a safe manner.

Here are some pictures of his old bedroom:

Zachary has two siblings that love him so much and help care for him very frequently! We provided each of them with a bedroom makeover. Lindsey and Kathryn really brought life to their rooms by making the rooms look bigger, providing better organization solutions, and opening the rooms up to have more natural light.

Zachary had a wonderful, large bedroom, that needed to be cleaned up, organized, and made more aesthetically pleasing for him. He already had a track system to assist with transfers to and from his sleep safe bed. We made his safe bed automated to provide ease of care for his caretakers, so they could easily raise and lower his torso and legs. LSG Interiors found an amazing, comfortable chair for Zachary’s caretakers to sit in while in his room, a peaceful fireplace that also is used for storage and an entertainment center, a shelving unit that was organized and labeled by Lindsey Klebe with Simplicity Reclaimed, and a beautiful wardrobe for additional storage.

Brian Driscoll and his crew from DCOTA Construction recreated the bathroom space into a dream bathroom! They tiled the entire bathroom, laid floors in Zachary’s bedroom, made a large open spaced shower, and still allowed for Agnes to have her walk in closet.

Click here to watch Zachary’s Happy Place on The Design Network!

We are so grateful for Lindsey Gregg & Kathryn Barmore from LSG Interiors, Brian Driscoll with DCOTA Construction, and our volunteer paint crew from Angel Oak Home Loans! (Pictured below: Kathryn Barmore, Lindsey Gregg, Zachary, Mariah Chamberlin with Angel Oak Home Loans)