Samuel is a very talkative and full of energy, 12 year old boy living with his mom and 2 siblings. Samuel loves Pokemon and playing video games with his brother Tristan whom he shares his room with. Samuel’s mom is a single mom, and fire fighter who works 24-hour shifts. Samuel was diagnosed with Renal failure, progressive vision loss, and contiguous gene deletion syndrome. As we began the makeover process, Samuel was placed on the transplant list to receive a kidney transplant. The master bathroom and master bedroom would eventually become Samuel’s living space because he will soon have to rely on a wheelchair in order to ambulate around his home. However, the master bathroom was falling apart. The Jacuzzi tub, the floors, the toilet…everything needed to be replaced and reorganized to make it more accessible for Samuel in the future.

Samuel’s current bedroom needed to provide more storage for his medical equipment but also needed to include furniture that could easily transition to the master bedroom when the time came. His current room was overflowing with old toys that were no longer being used, and had little organization.

Here are some pictures of his old bedroom and bathroom:

Samuel’s brother Tristan and sister Violet both have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder so we wanted to make the rooms extra special for them as well. Since Tristan and Samuel share a room, we focused on making the room more open, more organized, and more age appropriate for both boys. For Violet’s room, we provided more storage for her stuffed animals and barbies, and lightened the room up to make it more joyful. Logan from Cardinal Pride Property Care did a phenomenal job painting Violets room at such short notice!

Here are some pictures before and after of Violet’s room:

The master bathroom would not have happened with out help from Bryant Bass and his team at Bass Built Homes, Brian Driscoll from DCOTA construction and his paint crew, and Meg Caswell’s interior design eye to transform this bathroom into an amazing space! They opened up the bathroom to have a large walk-in/roll-in shower, with beautiful teal tile work, a teal ceiling and teal walls (the mom’s favorite color), and some phenomenal art work from DJ Svoboda and the Imagifriends.

Click here to watch Samuel’s Colorful Safe Haven on The Design Network!

We are so grateful for Bass Built Custom Homes and Renovations, Meg Caswell with Meg Caswell Style, DCOTA Construction group, and Cardinal Pride Property Group!