Reed is a very energetic 5 year old who needed some help creating a bedroom suited to his psychological needs. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and Asthma. He has a very large bedroom that needed to be separated into two distinct sensory areas: one for sleeping/calm activities, and one for playing. Reed has always had a very hard time going to sleep and staying asleep so finding solution to allow for him to get a good nights rest every night (and his parents to get some sleep) was of utmost importance. Reed has a nephew also living in the home in the bedroom next to his and every time Reed would wake up in the middle of the night, he would often wake us his nephew.

Some things that Reed, his family and his therapist suggested would be good things to meet his sensory needs and help with his struggles sleeping were a bunching bag, some fun lights, a vibrating pad for his bed, an Xbox for him to play Minecraft on, a noise machine for calming bed time routines, and a weighted blanket. Reed’s number one request was a new “soft and comfy” bed. Reed’s bedroom had carpeted floors that were very well worn and were expecting to be exasperating his asthma symptoms.

Here are some pictures of Reed’s bedroom before:

Reed now sleeps through the night since we completed the makeover! We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to make this project happen and we love being able to share amazing success stories from projects.

Here are some after pictures of Reed’s room:


We are so grateful for Dell Allen from North State Bank and Linda Miller with Indoff Interiors and their significant others for tackling this project! Great work ladies! A special thanks to Orville and Maureen with Blue Moon Beds for building this amazing custom bed for Reed! He loves it!