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Netta is a 9 year old girl that loves her physical and personal independence. She has genesis corpus callous, autism, and intractable epilepsy due to a genetic mutation. Her family had a need for wider and more clear spaces in order to make their home safer for Netta to freely move around. With safety being the top priority, Welcome Home Angel came in with the help of Bridgett Mazer Interiors and allowed Netta to have a more functional bedroom and bathroom.

Check out Netta’s bathroom and playroom before:

The team from Bridgett Mazer Interiors partnered with Pender Creek Design Studio to transform this amazing swing Netta’s mom made her. Netta’s was starting to outgrow the swing so this fun team decided to have one specially made to fit this growing girl so she can continue to have her physical independence! The bathroom transformation and playroom makeover have given Netta and her family a safer and more function living space:

This beautiful makeover would not have been possible without the hard work from Bridgett Mazer Interiors

A special thanks to those that made this project possible:
Bridgett Mazer Interiors

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of The Eshelman Foundation.