Michael is a 16-year-old boy who has been sick all of his life.

He spends almost all of his time in his room in the family’s three-bedroom single-wide. Life is a television and video games and Rascal Flatts. School, when he attends, is just a few hours a week.

The ramp at the front door is very old and very steep and he has fallen off twice. The doors inside are tight and the bathroom next to his bedroom that he should be sharing with his little brother is impossible to squeeze though.

Michael could be the poster child for what Welcome Home Angel stands for.

For Tina Williamson with TWilliamson Designs this is her second makeover. She has plans to relocate Michael to the bedroom his mother now occupies and where the bathroom is large enough to make ADA compliant. The design process is underway and Tina will soon meet with Michael and his mother to run the preliminary ideas by them for their approval.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to make Michael and his family’s lives better.