Navigating severe illness, injuries and disabilities can make demands of home life unmanageable. Families must always be ‘on’, anticipating the next need and obstacle. Getting around the house or everyday functions can be an ongoing burden.

The loss of function can build on itself, making the family environment less and less supportive.

When surroundings limit a families’ ability to function, they can’t thrive. Growth, potential and fulfillment are constrained by a living space that isn’t designed for the people in it.

Welcome Home Angel’s environmental scan revealed very few organizations that transform living spaces for our special families. Even fewer are able to offer the level of renovation that we provide. This was a call to action.

Welcome Home Angel has created a model for replication in new communities. After testing in Chicago, the Triangle, NC, and the Triad, NC we’re looking to serve more families across the country. 

We have the know-how and the tools. We just need your help.

View the New Chapter & Mission Expansion Partnership Opportunities overview below to see how you can bring Welcome Home Angel to your community!