Mia is a spunky ten-year-old girl with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, which means she has multiple small seizures every day. This has caused her to have difficulty with intellectual development and motor development. She can walk, but only with the help of her mom, Kelly. Mia’s bedroom and bathroom, before…

Because of the danger of a seizure while sleeping, Mia needed a specialized bed that kept her safe at night. Before Welcome Home Angel, Mia slept in the bottom of a bunk with her sister, Madelyn. Her mom, pulled a mattress out onto the floor each night, in case Mia had a seizure and fell out of bed. Bathing was difficult, as well. Mia’s mom had to place her into a traditional tub, which was hard on her back, but was also not ideal for Mia, who would have an easier time with a walk-in shower with enough space for Mom to bathe her.

Mia’s bedroom and bathroom, after!

Thanks to the amazing folks at Monteith Construction Company and Live Oak Bank, Welcome Home Angel was able to give Mia everything she needed: a spacious, beautiful, and happy bedroom for her and her sister, plus the biggest, best walk-in shower for the best shower Mia and her mom could want! We also gave Mia her own special custom upholstered bed that keeps her safe at night.

And don’t forget Jack!

Mia’s brother, Jack, got what may be the coolest sibling room makeover we’ve ever done. The Live Oak Bank Design Team worked hard to make this a special space for him, where he and his buddies can hang out and have fun.