Diego is a thirteen year old boy with a rare condition that affects his internal organs, causing him to only have one kidney, require catheterization, and have significant trouble walking on his own. Diego is also on the autism spectrum. Because of his needs, he cannot bathe himself – it has always been a family affair, with his mother and father trying to help one another to get him clean. The shower stall in the old bathroom was just too small, making shower time one of the hardest parts of the day. Because Diego requires a new catheter every three hours, his mother sleeps with him at night. Their small bed and carpeting flooring made this task difficult, if not nearly impossible.

With the help of Teal Interior Design, Johnson Home Construction, we were able to give Diego a brand new master suite, equipped for easy showering, and easier bedtime with mom. Here are some photos of Diego’s master suite, before the renovation.

Brandy Crawford and Angela Crittenden of Teal Interiors led the way for the design on Diego’s new space. They gave him a huge bed to share with mom, a calm and clean theme to help him calm down and associate the bedroom with sleep time, and a new bathroom that makes shower time much easier. Mom says that for the first time, Dad will be able to bathe Diego on their own, without her help. Check out their beautiful new space.

And of course, no Welcome Home Angel renovation would be complete without the sibling’s room makeover! Daelynn’s room needed just a little help.

Check out her beautiful new room now!

The fun didn’t stop here. Wilmington Central Rotary purchased Diego a splash pad and trike. Due to Diego’s condition and certain medications, he overheats easily. Because of his internal condition, he is a high risk for infection, so a pool or even a trip to the beach is out of the question. A splash pad allows him to spend time outside with the family, while staying cool, and a trike allows him to ride bikes with his family, just like anyone else! We were also able to purchase a swing set for both kids to enjoy, with a safe swing, just for Diego.

And the fun just kept going!

Our friends at WECT News not only came to film the reveal – Chelsea Donovan took Diego to their studio for a tour…and the next thing he knew, Diego WAS the news!

See Diego on WECT here!

Click here to see Diego’s WECT Behind-the Scenes Tour with Chelsea

We are so grateful to the teams at Teal Interiors, Johnson Home Construction, Wilmington Central Rotary, and WECT News or taking a key role in giving Diego the most special spaces, and special day of his life!

We’d love to thank the following incredible partners for their help and donations to this project:
Fergusons- Courtney
Southeastern tile- Michelle
First Class Tile- Francisco
Playnation Swing Sets- Armand
Donna Patterson Upholstry
Mattress Firm
Feizy Rugs
Dash and Albert Rugs
Shutter Works- Todd
Carpetsmart- Jon