Connor is a music-loving teenage boy who had an awesome master bedroom and bathroom setup…except his bathroom was part of a home addition the previous home owner never completed. Connor has a younger sister, Scarlett, who loves her toys, art work, and music as well. We really wanted to bring Connor’s room to life and allow it to feel more age appropriate, easier for him to have more independence, and allow for him to have friends to hang out in his room and play video games. For Scarlett’s room, our main goal was storage and organization solutions, while also allowing her personality to shine and be a space that she could also grow in. The team from Anchored Home and DCOTA Construction really brought this space to life and allowed both Connor and Scarlett’s rooms to be spaces they can both grow in over the years. Keep reading for the results! Here are some pictures of Connor and Scarlett’s bedrooms before: Connor and his family were thrilled with how the bedrooms turned out, and Connor was very excited to be able to use his own bathroom and have more independence. Scarlett was super shocked at how different her room looked and couldn’t believe it was her room. And of course, their dad, Tommy was very grateful and happy with how it turned out! Here are some after pictures of Connor’s Bedroom & bathroom: Here are some after pictures of Chloe’s room: A huge thanks to Palma Minnich and Canaan Ward from Anchored Home & Brian Driscoll and Zak Wilcox and their crews from DCOTA Construction! See Connor’s Big Reveal on WECT here!