Name: Brandon

Age: 12

Location: Wilmington

In 2013, Brandon was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a blood condition that leads to inadequate production of blood-forming cells. In order to prevent the progression of MDS to acute myeloid leukemia (AML), Brandon underwent a bone marrow transplant. There are almost always complications that arise from bone marrow transplants and that has been true in Brandon’s progress. He has had multiple infections and has developed a condition that makes it difficult for him to get the appropriate levels of oxygen to his body. Brandon lives with his mother and two older siblings. He is in love with WWE and that served as the inspiration for his room makeover. We were extremely fortunate to have Meg Caswell working with us as the designer for Brandon’s project. Meg was the winner of season six of HGTV’s Design Star which led to 18 episodes of her own design show on the network. She has been generous in giving of her time and finding individuals and businesses to donate. 

One word to sum up Brandon’s reaction to his room… priceless. He was in a state of ultimate joy and shock. He told everyone that was there at the reveal party “you’re never getting me out of this room!” Check out this short clip of a look into the grand reveal!  


Individuals and businesses that made this project successful: 

  • Meg Caswell
  • Anne Schaeffer
  • Kathryn and Trot Nixon
  • Rug Runners
  • Saffo Contractors
  • Party On! Designs