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Amanda is a 15 year old girl that loves horses and being silly! She has a rare genetic disorder called COL-4A1, cerebral palsy as a result of a neonatal stroke, and intractable seizures. Amanda is nonverbal and requires assistance getting around and with most activities of daily living. Before Welcome Angel came in, Amanda was going next door to her grandparents house so she could play because there was a clear large area for her to safely sit and play in case she had a seizure. Her family was very unsatisfied with her room and play space prior to the makeover. The space did not meet Amanda’s therapeutic needs whatsoever. The space was also overstimulating for Amanda and did not provide her with a safe environment and did not provide her mom or stepdad comfort.

Welcome Home Angel, with the help of a volunteer Team from Smith and Gsell Design Studio, were able to transform sweet Amanda’s bedroom and give her a sensory playroom that she can safely be in! Here are some before pictures of Amanda’s bedroom:

The team from Smith and Gsell Design Studio co-led by Susan, Renee and Aimee were able to provide Amanda and her family with a more functional bedroom and playroom for Amanda to spend time in. The sensory toys they were able to provide will allow Amanda to get that sensory stimulation that she otherwise didn’t have. Team Amanda was also able to provide her with a brand new iPad to assist her with communicating and sensory stimulation as well! Thanks to Enabling Devices, Amanda has fantastic sensory toys! Check out Amanda’s new bedroom and playroom below:

Her family is very pleased with the overall appearance of the makeover, and especially glad to report that as a result of the makeover and the sensory room space, Amanda has had a decrease in her self-injurious behaviors, harm towards others and behavioral outburst in general! The family loves the new play area and Amanda now spends a lot of her day in the sensory room, except for when she takes naps in her new comfy big bed! Her mom feels that Amanda is much safer as a result of the makeover and love that she is getting the necessary sensory stimulation! The family says that the sensory room is absolutely everyone’s favorite part of the room.

Susan (Amanda’s mom) would like to say a special thank you to the amazing people that made this project possible! She is so thankful to everyone that played a role in this project for seeing how special Amanda is!

None of this work would have been possible without the hard work of the team from Smith and Gsell Design Studio who worked so hard to make this home a joyful place for Amanda and her family. We are so grateful for everyone who contributed in any way!

Thanks to…
Amanda’s Team:
Susan Gsell
Renee Smith
Aimee Jones

And special thanks to Ashley with The Anchor Workroom for the fabulous window treatments, Enabling Devices, Mattress Outlet, Brian Kaiser of Triumph Development, and Sarah Davis with Floorz to Your Doorz.

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of The Eshelman Foundation.