Mariah is a sweet 4 year old girl who had a stroke when she was only one year old. She is improving developmentally and physically with consistent physical therapy but still has trouble with coordination and balance on her left side. Mariah and her 3 siblings live with their mother in a 4 bedroom home, and Mariah’s mother is having another little boy very soon! The one year old little boy has his own room and the 3 girls shared a bedroom. Every piece of furniture in both bedrooms needed to be replaced and made safer for them to play on and sleep in. We also needed to make the third bedroom safer so that it could be a bedroom instead of a storage room. The third bedroom has a door to the backyard.

We needed to ensure this family had sturdy and safe furniture, storage for toys and clothes, and some nice blinds that would hold up well from the kiddos trying to open and close them.

Here are some pictures of the old bedroom spaces:

Mariah’s favorite color is purple, so we had some of our favorite painters from “Roll With It” come out and paint all three bedrooms for us with Mariah’s room being a light purple! We just love how the rooms turned out. A fresh coat of paint, some new beds, comforters, storage, and lighting makes all the difference in these rooms!

Here are some after pictures of the kids bedrooms:

A huge shout out to Two Men and a Truck for meeting all of our storage needs! And, a special thanks to Southern Moving and Storage for all of our last minute pick up and delivery request for this project! Team work makes the dream work!