Here we grow again!

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    Here we grow again!

    Welcome Home Angel is hiring again! Please see the job description below if you are interested in joining our rapidly growing nonprofit with a mission to help children with special needs!

    Project Manager

    The Project Manager works with volunteer Design Teams to complete home renovation projects for children and is responsible for ensuring timely, effective, individualized, and appropriate space design for each Angel. The Project Manager manages all projects from conception through construction and completion. The Project Manager serves as Volunteer Manager on all design projects and is responsible for regular outreach to secure new volunteer Design Teams and in-kind donations for projects. This job requires frequent travel throughout the Wilmington area, and into surrounding counties. 

    This position is a full-time, salaried/exempt position.

    Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to)

    • Manage a variety of diverse volunteer Design Teams working on separate projects, including initial orientation, regular check-ins, assistance with project ideas, and facilitation of the project approval process.
    • Manage all project workflow, oversee the completion of activities, and communicate progress to management.
    • Participate in community outreach activities and networking events, with the purpose of engaging new Design Teams and project in-kind donation partners.
    • Appropriately document and report on project status using internal database (Salesforce).
    • Work with the WHA team to provide timely communication to our supporters on project status and completion, including regular social media postings and as-requested website updates.
    • Serve as an ambassador of the mission of Welcome Home Angel in the interaction with current and potential partners and in public at all times.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required

    • At least 2 years professional experience in Interior Design project management on home renovation projects
    • Ability to work effectively, proactively, and efficiently with volunteers, interior designers, contractors, subcontractors, materials vendors, and other team members to articulate project goals, budgets, and adherence to strict timelines 
    • Capable of managing multiple projects with ease, juggling and prioritizing multiple projects, with the ability to adjust work accordingly, often against tight deadlines
    • Ability to manage a design team with a collaborative leadership style that puts value on relationships, both internal and external, while ensuring high quality design
    • Experience in researching, selecting and specifying materials, and finishes
    • Strong understanding of budgets, construction schedules, and fees
    • Exceptional attention to detail, with high level organizational and planning skills 
    • Ability to develop and complete projects without continued direct supervision
    • Love of creative problem solving
    • Able to cultivate, build and nurture lasting family, vendor, and volunteer relationships with ease 
    • Clear understanding of the critical role of volunteers within a growing nonprofit
    • Comfortable with flexible work environment (in office and from home)
    • Knowledge and experience in working within the diverse communities of the Cape Fear region
    • Knowledge and experience in basic word processing and spreadsheets, specifically Microsoft Suite and Google Docs
    • Must have a reliable vehicle with valid driver’s license and car insurance (mileage above 20 miles/day reimbursed at current IRS rate) 
    • This job may, on occasion, require heavy lifting, kneeling and crouching, as needed to move/carry  furniture while assisting Design Teams

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Preferred

    • Knowledge and experience with Universal Design, CAPS, or ADA design experience
    • Knowledge and experience in database management, specifically Salesforce
    • Knowledge and experience with cloud storage, specifically Google Drive and Dropbox
    • Knowledge and experience with social media (Facebook, Instagram) and other forms of electronic communication, such as WordPress and iContact

    Education and Experience

    Candidates should have a minimum of two years of work experience in project management within the interior design or home renovation field, or other related field. A minimum bachelor’s degree is expected, but a high school degree with at least five years of related experience will be considered. 

    Benefits include applicable health insurance reimbursement, Simple IRA match (up to 3%), Dependent Care FSA, and generous vacation and holiday time off. Starting base salary range $35,000-45,000.

    No phone calls please. Send resume and cover letter to Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    Position open until filled.

  • robert


    Robert is a teenage boy who lives with his Grandmother. He loves all things Disney. Robert’s dad was a fisherman so it was important to stick with the ocean theme, in memory of his father. Robert has a very tiny room and requires a lot of medical equipment, so there was a lot of brainstorming with the design team and the family to figure out how to optimize the room and the space we had to work with.

    Here are some before pictures of Robert’s bedroom :

    The team from nCino was led by Drew Heath and they got to work quick! They came in and brought the room to life by allowing the caregivers to have a work space and a comfortable area to sit with Robert. They got a massive, 50 inch smart TV to make it easier for Robert to see the colors and the pictures since he has sight challenges. The custom built nursing station really allowed the room to have more organization and storage. With hanging shelf units, the nurses are now able to access medical supplies easier and quicker without having to walk all around the room. They re-positioned the bed to allow there to be access of care for Robert for two people, instead of just one person when the bed was up against the wall.

    Robert and his family and caregivers were so pleased with how the room turned out. The hard floors make it so much easier for them to push Robert’s wheelchair into the room and around the room. Being able to have two people provide care at the same time made everyone’s lives much easier! Robert has been enjoying his new, big TV so much. He just laughs and laughs all the time when he is watching his favorite Disney movies!

    Here are some after pictures of Robert’s NEW Bedroom:


    A huge thanks to nCino for their hard work and dedication to getting this project done in such a short timeline and to DCOTA Construction for freshening up the walls for us and being such an easy group to work with. This project was sponsored by nCino.

  • connor


    Connor is a music-loving teenage boy who had an awesome master bedroom and bathroom setup…except his bathroom was part of a home addition the previous home owner never completed. Connor has a younger sister, Scarlett, who loves her toys, art work, and music as well. We really wanted to bring Connor’s room to life and allow it to feel more age appropriate, easier for him to have more independence, and allow for him to have friends to hang out in his room and play video games. For Scarlett’s room, our main goal was storage and organization solutions, while also allowing her personality to shine and be a space that she could also grow in.

    The team from Anchored Home and DCOTA Construction really brought this space to life and allowed both Connor and Scarlett’s rooms to be spaces they can both grow in over the years. Keep reading for the results!

    Here are some pictures of Connor and Scarlett’s bedrooms before:

    Connor and his family were thrilled with how the bedrooms turned out, and Connor was very excited to be able to use his own bathroom and have more independence. Scarlett was super shocked at how different her room looked and couldn’t believe it was her room. And of course, their dad, Tommy was very grateful and happy with how it turned out!

    Here are some after pictures of Connor’s Bedroom & bathroom:

    Here are some after pictures of Chloe’s room:

    A huge thanks to Palma Minnich and Canaan Ward from Anchored Home & Brian Driscoll and Zak Wilcox and their crews from DCOTA Construction!

    See Connor’s Big Reveal on WECT here!

  • brody


    Brody is a loving 9 year old boy who has an undiagnosed NeuroMuscular/Regressive disorder. He is nonverbal, has a feeding tube, cecostomy tube, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and an immune system disorder. On our first home visit, we learned that Brody is very attached to his bedroom and is meticulous about his bedroom area being clean. With this in mind, we knew changing his bedroom would not bring joy, it would only cause confusion and concern. Instead, the family was interested in us closing in their back patio to make it into a sunroom. They had recently moved from a home that had a sunroom and were aware of how beneficial sitting in hot, indirect sunlight was for his pain and behaviors until they no longer had that option. Brody’s doctors and physical therapist agreed the indirect sunlight from a sunroom was very beneficial for Brody’s pain management which in turn decreases his self harming behaviors.

    The goal for this project was to create the perfect sensory sunroom retreat for Brody. We were able to accomplish this by closing in the covered porch. Once this was completed, the design team of Interior Design Students from Cape Fear Community College selected materials to provide Brody with different textures and different sensory options to meet his needs. A leather couch was chosen along with two different therapy swings used for different types for sensory stimulation. A knot pillow, colored bubble lamp, weighted vest, and a squeeze canoe were all selected as options for Brody.

    Here are some pictures of Brody’s porch before:

    Brody loves his new sunroom and even chose to go straight to the sunroom after two recent surgeries he had. He loves the swing and the squeeze canoe mixed with the warm heat of the sun allowing his pain to be better managed in conjunction with his sensory needs.

    Here are some after pictures of Brody’s Sunroom:


    A huge thanks to the Interior Design Students from Cape Fear Community College: Brianna Lovins, Tess Luman, and Kara Kube. They were wonderful in researching all the best items to meet Brody’s unique needs while still making the space look stylish and inviting! Way to go ladies. Another special thanks to Southern Exposure Sunrooms for making the sunroom enclosure happen and working hard right after Hurricane Dorian to get it done in a short time frame! This project would not have been possible without the generosity of Little Chapel on the Boardwalk, whose grant funded a majority of the project.


  • jorja


    Jorja is a 5 year old little girl that loves animals! She was diagnosed with Leukemia (All B-Cell) and just completed intense chemotherapy for the past six months and is going through maintenance chemotherapy for the next 18 months. She was recently hospitalized for a mold infection where she became so sick she had to fight for her life. She has a big sister Savannah that is very full of energy, and a baby sister, Magnolia that loves giggling and smiling! We wanted to create a safe place for them to play and be home schooled.

    The room where they spent most of their days for school and play was destroyed in Hurricane Florence. Originally we were going to properly seal off the school room to ensure no more mold issues, but due to Hurricane Florence, we remodeled the garage making it a school/play room. Additionally, we spruced up Jorja and Savannah’s shared bedroom and Magnolia’s nursery for her to grow up in. Storage was a main focus in all of the rooms, as well as mold resistant paint donated from PPG Paints.

    Here are some pictures of Jorja’s bedroom and garage before:

    Jorja loved her new bedroom and loved having a new space great for learning and playing. Her and her sisters loved the furry new rug and the floor pillows to enjoy some reading time on- their favorite school activity!

    Here are some after pictures of Jorja’s play/school room:


    We would like to thank Bob Blum from Home Tender Care for truly making this project possible! Without his hard work and dedication to the project we would not have been able to complete it! Shannon Richardson from SLK Designs did the design aspect of the project and truly brought the family’s vision to life. The Eshelman Foundation supported this project by covering the cost of materials, we are so grateful for their continuous support throughout the year.


  • john


    John is an adorable 8 year old boy who loves sharks and has a twin sister, Chloe, who loves mermaids –  let the sea themed makeover begin! John was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Spastic Paraplegia, and a Complex Seizure Disorder. He requires constant care and needs more solutions in his current bedroom. John and Chloe were sharing a bedroom with the family, planning  to eventually move John into his own space- the unfinished master suite. The room needed hard floors to allow for ease of wheelchair accessibility and an ample amount of storage solutions.

    Here are some pictures of John and Chloe’s bedroom before:

    The new design brought in a calming sea theme through and incorporated hardwood floors, a custom closet organization system, and freshly painted walls with wainscoting around the bottom half of the walls to maintain the integrity of the walls from the many wheelies John does in his wheelchair! The custom closet organization system was designed for storage of John’s toiletry items, medical supplies, and medical equipment. We also provided John with a hammock swing for him to relax in.

    John and his family love the new design of his bedroom! They love the open concept of the bedroom, allowing for John to move around in his room more. The closet organization system has allowed for the room to look like a bedroom, and not a medical supply closet.

    Here are some after pictures of John’s NEW Bedroom:

    Here are some pictures of Chloe’s NEW Bedroom:

    A huge thanks to Shelby’s Innovative Creations for bringing this project to life!

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  • jack


    Jack is a hilarious 16 year old boy! He loves his dog, Kaylie, and his little niece, Julia. Oh! And he is Spider Man’s biggest fan! Jack suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury as a baby due to shaken baby syndrome. He also has seizure disorder, spastic hemiplegia, and cerebral palsy, and relies on his wheelchair as his main form of mobility. Jack has spent the last few years living in an intermediate care facility because he was having behavior issues that caused the family to need some extra assistance. Luckily, Jack’s medications have been adjusted and he has made his way through puberty so he has moved back in with his adoptive parents!

    Jack’s parents moved to Wilmington to help take care of their granddaughter who also has some special needs. They moved very abruptly and their home was not accessible for Jack’s return home from the care facility he had been living in in Charlotte. They had a decorative archway in the hallway that made the hallway too narrow for Jack’s wheelchair to fit through. With Jack being a growing young man, it was getting harder and harder on his parents to lift him in and out of his bed and his chair, so a lift system was one of the top priorities. The bathroom did not appropriately fit Jack’s needs, and his bedroom was carpeted. Jack also needed a bed that would allow him to sleep safely at night without rolling out of the bed.

    Here are some pictures of Jack’s bedroom before:

    Since the home the family lived in was in a neighborhood that is still being built, we were able to get the exact flooring to match the rest of the floors through the home. Having hard floors allows so much more ease of access for individuals like Jack that use a wheelchair. We gave Jack and his family a lift system in the bedroom, an adaptive X-Box, a safe bathtub, a safe bed, some super cool Spider Man art work, and an Alexa system so he can control the lights in his room without his parents coming in to help him. We had a very generous donation for the Sleep Safe Bed from Julia’s Mother, Joani. This bed will be so well loved by Jack and his family and we are so grateful that our families love each other and share resources!

    Here are some after pictures of Jack’s bedroom and newly accessible bathroom:


    Our Board President, Matthew Carrier and his wife Mackenzie did an amazing job on this project! Bob from Home Tender Care helped us out with the archway removal in the hallway, laying the floors in Jack’s room, and putting up the bead board in Jack’s room! Thank you so much to everyone that played a roll in making this room Jack’s dream room!


  • reed


    Reed is a very energetic 5 year old who needed some help creating a bedroom suited to his psychological needs. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and Asthma. He has a very large bedroom that needed to be separated into two distinct sensory areas: one for sleeping/calm activities, and one for playing. Reed has always had a very hard time going to sleep and staying asleep so finding solution to allow for him to get a good nights rest every night (and his parents to get some sleep) was of utmost importance. Reed has a nephew also living in the home in the bedroom next to his and every time Reed would wake up in the middle of the night, he would often wake us his nephew.

    Some things that Reed, his family and his therapist suggested would be good things to meet his sensory needs and help with his struggles sleeping were a bunching bag, some fun lights, a vibrating pad for his bed, an Xbox for him to play Minecraft on, a noise machine for calming bed time routines, and a weighted blanket. Reed’s number one request was a new “soft and comfy” bed. Reed’s bedroom had carpeted floors that were very well worn and were expecting to be exasperating his asthma symptoms.

    Here are some pictures of Reed’s bedroom before:

    Reed now sleeps through the night since we completed the makeover! We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to make this project happen and we love being able to share amazing success stories from projects.

    Here are some after pictures of Reed’s room:


    We are so grateful for Dell Allen from North State Bank and Linda Miller with Indoff Interiors and their significant others for tackling this project! Great work ladies! A special thanks to Orville and Maureen with Blue Moon Beds for building this amazing custom bed for Reed! He loves it!


  • mariah


    Mariah is a sweet 4 year old girl who had a stroke when she was only one year old. She is improving developmentally and physically with consistent physical therapy but still has trouble with coordination and balance on her left side. Mariah and her 3 siblings live with their mother in a 4 bedroom home, and Mariah’s mother is having another little boy very soon! The one year old little boy has his own room and the 3 girls shared a bedroom. Every piece of furniture in both bedrooms needed to be replaced and made safer for them to play on and sleep in. We also needed to make the third bedroom safer so that it could be a bedroom instead of a storage room. The third bedroom has a door to the backyard.

    We needed to ensure this family had sturdy and safe furniture, storage for toys and clothes, and some nice blinds that would hold up well from the kiddos trying to open and close them.

    Here are some pictures of the old bedroom spaces:

    Mariah’s favorite color is purple, so we had some of our favorite painters from “Roll With It” come out and paint all three bedrooms for us with Mariah’s room being a light purple! We just love how the rooms turned out. A fresh coat of paint, some new beds, comforters, storage, and lighting makes all the difference in these rooms!

    Here are some after pictures of the kids bedrooms:

    A huge shout out to Two Men and a Truck for meeting all of our storage needs! And, a special thanks to Southern Moving and Storage for all of our last minute pick up and delivery request for this project! Team work makes the dream work!